Virtual Training

What is  Virtual Training?

 Virtual Training was created to provide quality Health & Fitness to potential clients from a distance. Whether you live locally but not close enough to train conveniently and consistently. Or you may live out of state or abroad. V.T. is the simple solution to help get you on the right road to a healthier lifestyle.

How does Virtual Training work?

Once a consultation has been done. A package that suits you has been selected you will be emailed a standard 2 week Female Gym Workout to get your body conditioned for the type of personalized training you will receive weekly with the package you have purchased. At this point the training will be challenging as it should but not as hard as if it was day one with H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).

Prior to beginning you will need to obtain the following and send to me:
Before pictures in a sports bra and boy shorts/bikini bottoms. Front/Back/Left/Right views
Body measurements with a tape measure:
*Waist (circumference of the belly button)

How will I receive my training?

You will be scheduled in my calendar as if you were coming into the facility to be trained. So your very descriptive WOD (Workout of the Day) will be sent to you via email or text as to your preference as to the days that you are scheduled to train. The one Virtual session will be schedule as well but will be done via live video feed. Using FaceTime or Skype. This can be done at home or your preferred training facility. I will be at your disposal by email, text, or phone. This is the beginning of positive life changing give and take relationship

Will I be provided Nutritional Guidance?

Information will be obtained through your consultation that will help me to provide you with the proper nutritional guidelines that will allow us to be successful with your health or fitness goals. You will receive a packet on Nutritional Guidelines outlining how you should eat as well as consuming water.

You will also receive a sample meal plan to give you a clear idea how you should be eating to speed up your metabolism to increase the amount of fat to be burned. Meal Plan includes supplements as well as recommended protein shakes you should use.

Before starting any fitness program and/or nutritional plan you should always do a minimum 7 day detox/cleansing. You can find several helpful products with our Nutrition Programs. This will allow your liver to properly process fat for which it is responsible for doing so as well as for you digestive system to function properly by getting rid of unnecessary toxins you’ve put in your body over the years.