IMG_3922Byron Brunson Sr.

ISSA Fitness Trainer 

Stockbridge, GA      

Since the age of seven, I have been an athlete almost every day of my life. This has brought such a physical and mental ability to my life that I feel empowered, experienced, and educated. I feel inclined to serve clients with integrity and competence. Playing in different arenas of football and 4 years as a Combat Medic in the Army has taught me to have great integrity and a firm discipline within myself, and as a result, allows me the creative ability to motivate individuals mentally and physically with unconventional training styles. As a Fitness Professional, it is neither my capacity to diagnose nor treat an injury or any other medical or health related conditions but to continuously work towards the goal of assisting my clients to achieve, maintain, and constantly seek to improve their levels of personal fitness. I pride myself on leading by example to ensure those who mimic me will see 110% effort from me. I hold myself to the highest of standards in any environment or situation. By adhering to these commitments, I will remain truthful in all interactions with my clients while training in a professional demeanor.

*Weight loss
*Strength training
*Body building
*Aerobic conditioning
*Personal motivation
*Sport Specific training (Speed, Agility, Strength, & Sports Conditioning)
*Event training
*Diet & nutrition Feeding the machine
*Meal Prepping & Grocery Shopping
*In-home training & outdoor conditioning
*Group fitness